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William Keith (1838-1911) Early California Artist

William Keith was one of California’s earliest artists. A native of Aberdeen, Scotland Keith settled permanently in San Francisco in 1859. Keith’s early works are most closely aligned with the romantic vision of the Hudson River School artists. His clear, crisp, monumental vistas were a common sight in the homes of San Francisco’s wealthy elite. The latter part of Keith’s oeuvre was focused on smaller, more intimate scenes more closely aligned with the French Barbizon artists. Keith’s brush was dramatically loosened as his emphasis was shifted to tonal moods. Immensely influential and prolific, Keith taught (primarily women) in his studio throughout his career. It’s believed that 1000-2000 of Keith’s paintings were lost in the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire. Four years after his death, an entire room was devoted to Keith’s work in the 1915 Panama-Pacific international Exhibition.

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